Who are you? I would describe myself as an artistic, dynamic, and easygoing individual that designs clothing and jewelry for women who can relate to those qualities.

When did you become interested in fashion design? I began to sew nearly 10 years ago but I feel that I found my niche as a designer within the last 3 years. Developing my taste in fashion, materials, and finding out what truly inspires me over the years has allowed me to develop a style of design that is becoming a signature for me.

What element defines your garments? The silhouettes for my garments aren’t extremely complex, they’re very minimal and there’s always a certain element that really makes them stand out. I think that’s what defines my garments and makes them more memorable.

If you could design a look for any person, who would it be? I would say Kelsey Lu, I love her as an artist and I appreciate her eclectic style. I think it’s very bold and artistic or sometimes simple, I think my style and hers could intertwine to create something really cool.

Aside from fashion references, what inspires your work? I’m extremely inspired by abstract Spanish architecture and cubist style art.

“My designs are modern, but I do sometimes draw inspiration from the 60s.”

Which decade in fashion do you find yourself referencing most in your collections? My designs are modern, but I do sometimes draw inspiration from the 60’s. A lot of fashion during the early to mid-60’s featured a lot of shapes and bold colors. I really loved how simple yet bold fashion was during that time.

Do you think fast fashion has had a positive or negative effect on cut and sew designers? I would say it has had a slight negative effect because I feel many consumers are used to clothing being accessible really quickly and something new always being on the rise. That makes it hard for designers like myself because I can’t always produce a new collection more than twice a year. I would also agree that it has made a positive effect on cut and sew designers as well. Since fast fashion is literally styles that come and go quickly, I think some people may want to feel a bit more exclusive so that’s why they shop cut and sew brands due to them not operating like big companies and having smaller inventories.

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‘Will Be A Lady Someday’ editorial
produced by Look Authority Studio
Photo: Samantha Parquette
Model: Samarion Smart
BTS Photo: Oguguam
BTS Photo/Video: Brandon Jones
Photo Assist: Daniel Delagado
Stylist: Sal Yvett
Style Assist: Taylor Zielinski
MUA/H: Nick Black
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