“Tierra Whack’s 2018 album Whack World was only 15 minutes long, but packed so many brilliant ideas, genre experiments, and memorable hooks into its short run time that it felt anything but brief. After a breakout year of inventive singles and creative, internet-breaking videos, Tierra Whack brings her psychedelic brainscape to the stage for her Chicago headline debut. In the premiere of her grand-scale Whack Factory, take a peek into Whack’s mind in all its colorful, bizarre glory.

This edition is co-edited by Nick Alder and Janaya Greene of Party Noire, taking inspiration from the originality of Tierra Whack to celebrate members of their community creating their own unique and divergent paths.” — From Party Noire.


Photo/Mua: Falyn Huang | Model: Asharaa Renfroe | Fashion Direction: Sal Yvat | Art + Props: Don W | Photo Assist: Isis Jenkins