Who are you?

Well this is a loaded question [laughs]. I am a black woman first. An artist, a creative, a liberal, a spiritual being with a big heart and a lot of hope. I am mostly introduced as a wardrobe stylist, though in the fashion-realm I wear many hats: styling, design, creative direction, casting, and a few other thangs. 

What was the first outfit you remember wearing that made you feel fly?

This is honestly embarrassing. When I was really young like 5/6 years old, I would beg my mom for the two piece jogging sets I’d see at Kmart. She would always deny me at first, but eventually come around. I had the swishy jogger set in every color it came in. I would switch out the tee shirts underneath the jacket and wear different shoes to make the fits unique. I’d play in my mother’s accessories or buy costume jewelry from vending machines or the beauty supply store to spice it up. I was fly af.

Aside from fashion references, what influences your style?

Elements of nature heavily influence my style. I love to play with neutral tones, monochromatic looks, gradient colorways and direct contrasts. It’s sometimes just a translation of what we see in our natural setting.

Art is also a big influence to my style. To look at a work of art and see how the artist has used mixtures of textures, colors, mediums, etc inspires me to do the same. I love to add various elements to a single look and give it more dimension, depth, and character.

What three elements define your look?


What brands/designers are you into right now?

Ah, this is ever changing. One of the greatest things about the internet/social media for me is being able to constantly discover new brands and independent designers. Right now, I am loving everything from Laquan Smith, Jacquemus, Omondi, Pyer Moss. All black owned, independent brands that are completely crushing the fashion game.

What is a must have garment/accessory for every closet? 

Just one must have? There are so many [laughs]. But for every person’s closet – no matter who you are, you need to have a few oversized tees. I love to dress up and be extra with my outfits, but I love to dress down just as much. I find oversized tees a classic and simple way to do style them.

Do you think fast fashion has had a positive or negative effect on people cultivating a personal sense of style?

Fast fashion is definitely good for accessibility and helping people who don’t have funds for top designers have more options for style. However, it is a huge detriment to our environment because it is made to be disposable and has ended up one of the biggest polluters in the world. Definitely something the industry needs to concentrate on changing, and there’s other ways for people (myself included) to have access to various styles of clothing.

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