Who are you?

This question always stumps me because I find it very difficult to put in words who I am lol but my name is Ke’ (a lot of people think my name is Aurora which I love.) I’m a beautifully layered, multifaceted artist.

What was the first piece of jewelry that you wore that made you fall in love and say “I want to create pieces like this for the rest of my life?” 

The first piece of jewelry that I was completely obsessed with was this wire-wrapped name necklace from my mom with my birthstone attached. When I was little, finding my name on anything was impossible, so when she got me that I completely fell in love. I knew I wanted to make pieces that truly meant something to the wearer, not just another piece of material that ends up laying around the house after a while.

What inspired you to establish the Aurora Cristaux brand? 

I love this question! What inspired me to create Aurora Cristaux, in the beginning, was not having money to support my style. I went on a DIY binge for like 2-3 years just revamping my own clothes because I couldn’t afford the items I really wanted at the time. I ended up becoming really passionate about it, it just took off from there.

Has the pandemic positively or negatively affected your brand launch?

Oddly, the pandemic has positively affected my brand in so many ways. The pandemic inspired me to give entrepreneurship a try and to really give my all to building my brand simply because I had nothing else to give my energy to during lockdown. The only negative has been not having that in-person networking with other artists the way I would love to.

What three elements define your jewelry pieces?

Fluid, versatile, & most important, healing.

What style of jewelry is your favorite? 

My two top favorite styles of jewelry are contemporary & avant-garde. I love jewelry that are conversation starters or that have a story somewhere in them.

Explain your creative process.

My creative process is what I call organized chaos. I can either be very meticulous with my creative process, especially when it comes to the visual aspect, or I can be really impulsive. When I have a random idea for creating a piece, I feel like I have to go full force until it’s done or I’ll lose the idea.

What message do you wish to send to those who wear your jewelry? To the world? 

I want to send the message of truly being comfortable with who you are, being brave enough to stand behind whatever you present to the world, and taking up all the space you need. And also, that healing yourself, connecting with yourself, and truly accepting who you are is a superpower and a very important step in becoming the person you want to be.

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