I’m so many things. I’m ever evolving and ever growing. I change daily. At the core, I’m a black woman, the most divine creation. I’m a HealHER with a mission to heal my ancestral trauma and to facilitate and aid others in healing their own. I’m a designer, a stylist. Celestially I’m a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, + Virgo Ascendant. I’m the earthly daughter of Sheila and Kirby, my ancestors. I’m the spiritual daughter of Oya Yansa. 

VIBES DealHER Chain Earrings, shown in color Black Power
CROWN Royal Mismatched Earring Set
OYA Bangle Set

What does self expression mean to you?

Freedom. I think the best versions of ourselves thrive in the freedom to just be. Free from societal standards and anything that doesn’t fill your belly with joy. 

How does this concept of self-expression manifest in your work?

I don’t like deadlines or creating under pressure. It makes me not want to do it at all. It’s a MF ritual and time is essential in order to put the healing energy that is needed into what I do. If I can’t maintain the freedom to move as I need or if I’m creating with some sort of anxiety, then why do it? 

Freedom of self and expression allowed me to take my time in creating a collection that I love. I did it with my whole heart, so people have no choice but to fucks with it. And if they don’t…well…it wasn’t meant for em’. 

MUVA Africa Charm Hoops
HEAVY Armcuff
MUVA Africa Necklace, worn as belt

Why did you begin making jewelry? Was it out of necessity?

I started making jewelry in 2010 after the loss of my parents. I had this surge of pain and passion that needed to get out. So, I started painting on denim and made jewelry out of it. Then grief really set in and stagnated the dream. It would take me 9 years to get back to that feeling. This time around, it came from a NEED to create and to armor myself spiritually. That’s why you’ll find healing stones in a lot of my designs. I needed to be able to take these tools of spiritual armor outside of my personal space and onto my person. And of course, be stylish while doing it.

EAM CatcHER Single Earring, shown in colors Earth and Air.

Have you considered experimenting with other mediums before settling on jewelry? 

My whole life is based on creating, whether I choose to share my work with the world or not. I create daily within my job as a visual merchandiser, I write, I paint, I make herbal potions to heal myself, I create and manifest with sexual energy. Creating has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s my therapy. It’s a huge part of who I am. Accessory design is just one of the mediums that I chose to monetize. Cause every bad bitch GODdess needs a dope piece of wearable healing art, right?! [Laughs] Even [jewelry making] will evolve into something else. 

What is the methodology behind your brand’s name?

iaME, it’s the combination of two of the most powerful words, I AM and the first two letters of my name MEagan.  It is said that anything following the phrase I AM Is certain and will be. Joined together it becomes an affirmation of sorts, a celebratory concept of self. I am Me, iaME. 

ARMOR 3-stacks Chain Belt

Are there any other brands, people or situations that fuel your creative process?

No brands immediately come to mind. I find most inspiration in black women, period. I’m inspired most by everyday people and their modes of self-expression, their style but most of all their stories. I love vintage, black cinema classics, and music. Music is huge in my creative process.

If you could design jewelry for any person, who would it be and why?

Erica Abi Wright or as the world knows her, Erykah Badu, hands down. I’m not sure if I stan her insane style or music more. Her jewels are always out of this world. She’s just so effortless yet intentional with it. The way she accessorizes tends to always have an air of spirituality and healing to it. Outside of my Mom, she’s definitely thee MUSE.

Which design is your favorite and why?

All of them! [laughs] If I had to pick, definitely The LIFE Source Ankh Ring. I never leave home without it. I wear it on my index finger for maximum affect. It speaks to me and for me, without me having to say a word. I also love the MUVA Africa Charm Hoops, because it’s definitely a cultural staple and easy everyday slay. When I’m feeling funky, the VIBES DealHER Chain Earrings are my go to. I also wear the OYA Bangle Set everyday to help with pain and inflammation. 

Where can we find you and support your work?

You can find me on Instagram, personally @iameagan. Professionally, @shopiame. And you can spend some cointttt and shop ASCENSION, the Collection at www.shopiaME.com + View ASCENSION, the LOOKbook here 

Photographer: Michael Bussey | Model: Ciana Mai | Art Director + Stylist: Sal Yvat | Jewelry: ShopIAMe

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