Who are you?
My name is Anthony J. I am a native from New Orleans, LA. Who loves everything fashion, art, and shoes! 

What was the first outfit you remember wearing that made you feel fly?
I had to be in High School but it was a lavender head-to-toe suit that my father made for me. I had a cream collared shirt with a silk purple bow tie. I remember my whole class giving me compliments and asking about the suit all week.

“I dress with no care of what people think about what I have on.”

Aside from Fashion  references what influences your style?
Music is a big influence on my fashion style. I am a huge fan of Prince and what he stood for. I dress with no care of what people think about what I have on. Music helps me get dressed in the morning and I love playing like I’m in a music video. 

What three elements define your look?
Bold, I love to use one or two pieces within my look that are bold and stand out. Comfort, I hate not being comfortable I make sure everything I wear makes me feel like I can wear it all day long without getting uncomfortable. Tailored, I love to make sure my clothes are even and well fitted. I like to make sure that if nothing else my pants are hemmed and fit appropriately.  

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would be it? WOW very tough question! However, I would wear an over size sweater, mostly like one from Raf Simons, a pair of pleated black trousers from Homme Plisse Issey Miyake, and a pair of Tabi boots by Maison Margiela. 

Which decade was the most stylish? Why?
I think the 1950’s was the best time period for fashion. Balenciaga started the single-seam coats, balloon skirts, and sack dresses. Structure for dresses and suits during this time was breath taking and brought a new look to the world of fashion. Also women wore white gloves with small hand bags as compliments to their outfits. 

Styled by Anthony Johnson for LAUDI VIDNI

Do you think fast fashion is a positive or negative effect on people cultivating a personal sense of style
Fast fashion definitely has a negative narrative on how people cultivate their own personal style. In today’s era people get inspiration from social media, celebrities, and blogs. Fast fashion brand take celebrities exact outfits and replicate them to be sold ASAP.  

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