The Look Authority is a digital studio dedicated to building a community of creative and unique people who may not feel seen in today’s artistic climate. We aim to create multimedia space for innovative artists at the crossroads of art, music, fashion, and beauty through curation, production, collaboration, and consultation.

We Produce:

Our crafted team of photographers, stylists, and videographers are suited to create experimental films, editorial visuals, fashion presentations, and any other visual media. 


We Collaborate:

We host, sponsor, and work in partnership with brands and like minded individuals to produce community oriented events and showcases. 


We Consult:

Our expert team of designers specialize in streamlining information from conceptual idea to tangible design for brands and individuals alike. 


We Curate:

Our social media platforms feature daily inspiration, articles and more.

Interested in collaboration, joining the team, or something cool?

Send us an email Based in Chicago, IL.