Meet the #FleeQueen, Ameerah Floyd, one of Chicago’s most potent style mavens and fashion stylists.
Her looks bridge tomboy aesthetics with classic feminine structures. Influenced by the early 2000’s and a lover of Bape, she exemplifies what it means to have Authorized Style.

How would you define A LOOK?
– Something that makes you feel an emotion; that makes a statement.
Describe your ideal outfit.
– Cohesive & Comfortable.
Do you have a favorite time period for fashion inspiration? 
– I don’t think I have a favorite time period actually. But I do like vintage very much. But as much as I hate to say it I’m a 2000s girl. But I think I more so just gravitate to pieces that make me feel a little funky.
If you had to wear the same outfit everyday (that you already own) what would it be?
– All Bape baby! Lol my vintage oversized Dior prescription frames, patchwork A Bathing Ape short sleeved dress shirt, A Bathing Ape cargo pants and 2006 Pharrell x Bape roadSTA sneakers. And I can’t forget my noir Prada rucksack! 😁😉😘
What fashion house or clothing line would you love to design for/collaborate with? Why?
– I know I’m going to sound like a ‘hype’ but if I ever had the opportunity to do anything under A Bathing Ape or just with Nigo in general I would. I love streetwear and I feel like no one did it better than what Nigo did with the Bathing Ape brand. He penetrated every area of consumerism: home decor, footwear, beauty, food, music; but with real passion and creativity. It’s ‘the’ household brand if you ask me. That or either Prada/Miu Miu. Miuccia Prada is a genius. Everything she does I love. She’s able to create a certain atmosphere through both brands with each season. And even though each brand has its own individuality they’re both very consistent and can even be intertwined at some point, I think. Bape satisfies my tomboy self and Prada is my more feminine side.

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