Multi-disciplinary artist and dedicated yoga connoisseur, Mia GhoGho, has been quirky every since she can remember. Take a step into her stylish world below.

Who are you?

[I am]Mia Ghogho, a multi-disciplinary visual artist, storyteller, yoga lover, history geek, wild child and all around creator. My work is grounded in cultural history and the metaphysical; through it I explore civilization, consciousness expansion, mythology, and healing. Pivoting between painting, collage, garment construction, and fiber works I create dialectic works influenced by the bodily adornment, current health disparities and ways of life throughout the indigenous American &  African diaspora.

What was the first outfit you remember wearing that made you feel fly? 

This is a difficult question because as long as I’ve remembered I’ve always had a very distinctive and quirky style of dress.. But one of my earliest favorites was a Turquoise 2-piece crop top skirt set. It was the first outfit I ever handmade at 15 years old.

Aside from fashion references, what influences your style?

Very much so inspired by the 5 great elements of nature: air fire, water, earth, and ether. I also am inspired by ancient architecture. Mood also facilitates my style choices, but as of lately I’ve been feeling very removed from fashion and kind of want to start over with only a handful of items in my closet. I feel an evolving happening, so these answers could not even be valid by the time this is published LOL.

What three elements define your look?

Pattern, A funky shoe, Handmade accessories.

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Probably a white west African kaftan with elaborate embroidery + applique at the neckline and cuffs. Coupled with an overload of various silver and beaded jewelry pieces.

Which decade was the most stylish? Why?

The answer that wants to roll off of my tongue is “Where are we geographically?”… but I am getting better with not answering questions with questions, so I’ll say the 30s.

Do you think fast fashion has had a positive or negative effect on people cultivating a personal sense of style? 

I think this is a double edge sword. On one hand [fast fashion] may have opened certain demographics up to a wider variety of clothing article styles to choose from, but on the other it has over-saturated the industry and we have a lot of clones and consumerism induced anxiety when it comes to fashion.

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